Calling all artists!

Calling all artists … we need to snazz up this blog a little with some happy graphics! We’re looking for some help designing an interesting header graphic and a button for our blogs. Maybe a picture of a mother cuddling a child, possibly reading a book in a comfy chair. We’re not artists, though, so we need your help! Please leave a comment if you’re interested in talking to us about this.

Thank you!

Mothers With Cancer,


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  1. Hey, I pretty good at scrapbooking and collage, etc but not good at computer graphics. I can make use of photos but that’s about it. Sorry, maybe we need someone designs headers and the like for blogs, does anyone know anyone that does that kind of thing, that might do it as a sponsor type thingy for us? I will check out my list of supporters as there are quite a few of them and they may know someone.

  2. Forgot to say, I totally agree, we need something to spruce this up a bit, not you sprucehillfarm you’ve already boosted the place here! lol…We need something clean and fresh but still inviting, you know – not so clean and fresh that it looks clinical.

  3. whymommy says:

    I agree — anything but clinical! Maybe we could do a photo montage of us having happy moments with our kids … cropped for privacy where there’s an issue … holding hands, playing, laughing, things like that … what do you think of that as a starter? Moms, email me a photo at my address if you’re part of the site and you think it’s a good idea….

  4. Hey guys I’d love to help! I’m a graphic designer that is working on a phd project to improve breast cancer education and community ( — made with WordPress!). I’ve been following WhyMommy since my friend Zannec was diagnosed and think this blog is great! I love how the internet can bring people together and strengthen each of us.

    Let me know what I can do! All the best!
    —The Mayor

    P.S. I am working on a Breast Cancer Map that makes it easier to find patients, places and services for breast cancer. Have a look on my research blog:

  5. whymommy says:

    I love Lemonland! I’ve been a big fan of yours over the past year, and I’m so excited to hear from you today! Thanks. I’ll email you privately and chat….

  6. imagesbyanna says:

    I am a photographer. I can donate some images. Just tell me what you need!

    (I am Linsey Krolik’s friend)

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