feeling my way: talking to my kids about my cancer

Last week, Jenster wrote a post about talking to her kids about her cancer.

As moms with cancer, I’m sure that this is a subject that is very much on all of our minds, and each of us has written about this subject at some point on our personal blogs (as have I, over at Not Just About Cancer).

Coincidentally, I wrote two posts for MyBreastCancerNetwork.Com last week, on this very subject. I wrote about talking to each of my (very different) boys about my cancer and how I continue to do so as someone living with metastasis (cancer that has spread to elsewhere in my body, otherwise known as Stage 4). You can find those posts, here and here (I hope you’ll forgive the linking but I did think the subject matter was worth sharing here).

I do believe that each of us needs to figure how much information to share with our children and the right way to share it.  And, I think it is OK if we don’t have all the answers or don’t handle things ‘perfectly.’ Kids are terribly resillient. What matters most is that we keep the lines of communication open.

And that we love them.


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