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I am the longest chemo patient I know. That said I realized that back in November 2007 I had my 100 Th chemotherapy treatment. In 2001 I started out with an optimistic view eventhough I had a so so stage 2 ductile carcinoma with 3 out of 10 lymph involvement at the sentinel nodes. No family history, not even a distant relative twice removed!

I saw my cancer as a project that had no end. I was impressed by the approach from my initial Doctor Breast Specialist who became my team leader through out the whole ordeal. It was not until my first reoccurance in a new country under socialized medicine when I really started to worry.

After successfully beating Cancer the first time, and being 5 months pregnant only to hear “it’s back” just took the stuffing out of me. After the birth of my beautiful daughter who had to endure chemotherapy and radiation while still in my body, everything started to settle out with hormone pills first tamoxifen and then arimadex. But without warning in September of 2006 the pills just stopped working. No rhyme or reason, just not getting the results and my tumor markers were sky rocketing every week.

When I heard the words “life long chemotherapy”-that is when I started to blog. under the name cancervixen and now cancer visa. I started not that long ago a new blog Chemo100 which has more personal data about me and less research.

You see I am shy by nature and easily attach to others emotionally. I know I could not go to a support group. This blog mothers with cancer is my support group. I invite you to join along on our wild adventures with our precious kids and loves of our lives hubby’s who have been our pillars of strength.

I am using my maiden name because if you google my married name you get a famous band or my politician sweetheart.


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  1. Jenster says:

    My mind is blown away at 100th chemo AND going through both chemo and radiation while pregnant!

    I know what you mean about this being a support group. I never attended a support group, but I had a great on-line one.

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