A different kind of screening

An op-ed in my local newspaper this morning alerted me to a different kind of screening that many of us may have to undergo … new scanners at Reagan National Airport, Phoenix International, and other airports that show a full-body scan of individual passengers each time we go through security.

These millimeter wave scanners show a 3D view of the traveler’s body parts … breasts and all.  Or lack thereof.  And that’s why this burns me up today.  Even if, as the TSA says, the pictures will be seen only in a back room, it’s another invasion of privacy that we don’t need.

The TSA does not need to know if my breasts are attached to my body or detachable foam and silicone forms … do they?

Are we living in a society that is threatened by prosthetics?


3 Responses to A different kind of screening

  1. I imagine it would be even worse if TSA opened your bags, while you are standing there, and discovering your prosthesis in your carry-on. :-}

    Btw, every time I travel in the US, the TSA search through ALL my belongings, including my carry-ons.

  2. One of Australia’s most wonderful breast cancer advocates and fundraisers passed away over the weekend. Jane McGrath set up a foundation which notably raised money for the placement of breast care nurses in rural and regional Australia – ensuring the care of those in remote locations.

    I thought she should be acknowledged here. She did so much for breast cancer awareness in Australia. http://www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au/

  3. whymommy says:

    Thank you, Talking Budgie. I’ll be happy to put that up as its own post as well … would one of our Australian moms like to do that, or have anything to add?

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