Button, button, who’s got the button?

We do! And now you can have one too!

Thanks to our new friend, the Mayor of Lemonland (and now of the whole Worldwide Breast Cancer site), we have a beautiful new banner across the top of our site and some gorgeous buttons for YOU to download and display on your site! Just click and save the image, and be sure that it links back to us (http://motherswithcancer.com) so that you can get here quickly, and your readers can find us too.

I’m really tickled over this new image. To me, it speaks of love, of tenderness, and of hope. And most of all of the fact that life doesn’t just STOP when you get cancer. Moms don’t just put their lives on hold. We still care for our children, love our families, and stay active in the world to the best extent that we can. And we hope for tomorrow … for ourselves, and for our children.

We also have a text-only image. Feel free to add this to your sidebar if you prefer.

Aren’t these beautiful? Thank you, Mayor!

P.S. Leave us a comment letting us know that you’ve added this to your site, and we’ll add your link to our “Supporters” page and enter you in our upcoming Summer Fun giveaway!


12 Responses to Button, button, who’s got the button?

  1. bcjenster says:

    Gorgeous!! It looks lovely on my sidebar.

  2. imstell says:

    I love them both!!! Oohh! And I didn’t realize the .com was up and running yet! Hurray! Thanks, Mayor!

  3. throwslikeagirl74 says:

    I love it 🙂

  4. jillaldrich says:

    What a graphic genius that Mayor is! Her site is amazing…

  5. Stimey says:

    This is really beautiful. I put it on my site, right under my Team WhyMommy button!

  6. I love the new logo and it looks fab on my sidebar.

    Thanks for posting this.

  7. sprucehillfarm says:

    Ok I can’t figure out how to get it on my site. I guess I am a little techy challenged!

  8. Michele T says:

    Beautiful logo, I added it to my blog links. I love this site and am so glad I found it!

  9. salnix says:

    The site looks wonderful! Way to go Mayor!!!! (She’s so awesome). Each and every one of you are an inspiration to all.


  10. Noregrets says:

    I added the site to my blog links. Great place you have here! 🙂

  11. mod*mom says:

    i recognized it right away as matching the mayor’s new look

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