A Perfect Post

Every month, Lindsay and Kimberly award the pick of the blogosphere their coveted “Perfect Post” award. This month, there can be no other pick for me than Andrea, our good friend and sister at Punk Rock Mommy. Andrea made the decision to enter hospice this month, and there have been so many incredibly moving posts that it’s hard to choose just one. This is the one I choose: June 19, the day she told her blogfriends that she is moving to hospice full time.

Some of the best parts:

I know this is hard to hear but my spirit is very tired of being in this very sick and dying body. The pain is very bad. My hips,back, and front hurt. Like labor it comes in waves and reminds me that my body is doing invisible work. Labor always had an air of excitement but also a component of a near death experience. This is more like a real death experience. But an excitement too that soon my pain will end and I will be free to move on. Hallelujah.

My time now I want to spend seeing my loved ones. Holding my kids. Blogging when I can. And writing. Writing all about my love for you. I want to leave you letters that you read over and over so you will know I am thinking of you too. I wrote a final blog. I planned my memorial. I gave away many of my possessions. This is a gift. How fortunate that I can plan these things.

She goes on to conclude the post with a real tearjearker of a paragraph. But don’t just take my word for it. Go check out PunkRockMommy, a woman I am proud to call friend, even if we only know each other through the internet.

I’ll close with one more quote, from her June 25 post:

For the most part I am not scared or angry. I do not fear death in any way. My sadness and tears flow when I think of my children growing up without me. But I trust the Lord and His perfect plan. Years from now many of you will know my children and all they have accomplished. Maybe you will be able to make sense of why God chose this for me and them. Maybe in heaven God will heal my broken heart and I will not wonder for long.

We love you, Andrea. We wish we could take your pain away. All we can do is keep you company, and remind you that you are loved. By friends, by blogfriends, by family. You have given us a great gift.


4 Responses to A Perfect Post

  1. Here, here! Bravo Andrea, bravo xxxxxxx

  2. bcjenster says:

    What a lot of emotions she inspires with her writing. Sadness, obviously. My heart aches for her husband and children. But there’s such a grace and peace about her, too. It doesn’t get more inspiring than that.

  3. imstell says:

    Andrea’s words never fail to move me. While I am profoundly sad to know that I won’t have the wisdom of her insight for much longer, I thrive on her dauntless joy of life. She is a wonderful mix of strength, style and heart . I feel honored that she is allowing us in at this very private time.

    Wonderful choice, Susan.

  4. jillaldrich says:

    Perfect. Just like Andrea’s words.

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