who would have thought

Well I never thought I would be packing again during  5FU, but here I am spending my valuable time wrapping up tea cups in newspapers. But this time it is not my house that I am packing but my mother in law’s house.

Yes it is official she is demented and has been after 6 months waiting list under urgent, let’s not bicker of the 10 year waiting list to get into assisted care. She has moved beyond that point now. Funny because only yesterday did we get a call from one of the homes saying an apartment was available. If that call would have come a month ago we would have all sighed a breath of relief. Now it is a moot point. The doctor’s in her temporary facility have declared her demented and has been shipped off post hast to a special facility. The good news is that she is content there, the bad new is that it is 3 hours drive from our current city house and 5 hours drive from our beach house. I am not sure I am willing to visit after the house is sold.

How long will it take to sell a house in Europe? Maybe I should start one of those tickers to see what the end result is. There are also things boiling in our lives which I am not yet at priviledge to say. If some one asks are you moving the official word is no comment. But after the summer I will be either extremely disappointed or packing while on chemo AGAIN!

I am not stressing about this packing because I have no sentimental attachment to the tea cups or anything else I am packing. I just hope the country house sells well and quickly so that I can get back to focusing on my family, which is for every terminal cancer patient a high priority.

I am dreaming of a big back yard and plenty of space for entertaining. “Jessie you can always sell any dream to me” Joshua Kadison, song Jessie.


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  1. jillaldrich says:

    This sounds stressful. But it sounds like you’re coping really well. Hang in there!


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