he DOES get me

Frank’s poem:


On the bad days
death elbows in,
becomes a visitor
who will not scare.

My wife is quiet today,
thinking about the incurable
nature of her illness,
which robs her of words.
I always wish I could
get her mind on something else,
say something funny or interesting
to banish what is unsaid,
but I am silent too.
Where her thoughts take over
my closeness ends,
and I can do little.

When the darkness loosens
we reassert stubborn, hopeful words,
and faith returns.

copyright Frank K., July 2008

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4 Responses to he DOES get me

  1. jillaldrich says:

    Wow. How wonderful to feel so understood and supported. What a cool guy!

  2. What a wonderful man…

  3. bcjenster says:

    Very nice. VERY nice.

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