Blogging And How It Helps Me Cope

After I was diagnosed I started searching the Internet. I was searching for information (so I thought) I wanted to read anything that would help me cope with my cancer. Instead I found lots of information that was helpful but very scary and overwhelming. Then I found Whymommy. This changed everything for me. I left a comment on her blog and with in hours she had e-mailed me back. I was a couple of weeks behind Susan in my recovery from my mastectomy. She helped me get through it. Gave me lots of encouraging words and lots of much needed advice. From her blog I met other woman who have cancer too. Stella, Sarah, Nicole, Judy and many many others. From these woman I have received many gifts. friendship, advice, support, and laughter. Now I am a part of Mothers With Cancer and I have met even more woman and received even more support.

After meeting Whymommy and some of the other blogging woman out there I decided that I wanted to start a blog. At first it was a way for me to keep my friends and family up to date on my recovery and cancer progress. It has turned into so much more. I have met so many people who are supporting me through my battle with cancer. I love being a part of this blogging community. I don’t know where I would be right now with out it. It has been My saving Grace.


4 Responses to Blogging And How It Helps Me Cope

  1. imstell says:

    Sarah – I have always said and truly believed that I held no regrets in life. I do have a small niggling little wish, however. I really, really wish I’d discovered blogging before diagnosis.

    What a voice I would have had! Sometimes I feel that I have nothing current to contribute. My voice is always past-tense. (Not that I’m complaining about that, God. Please don’t take that as a challenge.)

  2. Stella,

    I totally agree. I even looked at my old emails today to possible rewrite some experiences, but they just did not seem as powerful as when they were current. I guess in some ways our experiences can be hope to women that you can get through the dark and try to find that new normal.

  3. Jill Aldrich says:

    So happy you created that lovely blog, Sarah. I agree that being able to write about my experience and get support has been beyond healing.

    Stella, You’re crazy (and I say that with a lot of love). You’re also brilliant. You have so much to contribute.

    I’m proud to share this space with these women and the people who come here.

  4. satarupa says:

    i am nowhere near about in imaginin what trauma u are goin thru. coz i am dis 21 years old chick wid a happy go lucky life…a promisin career ahead…a lovin partner…wat more cud life want?? and den i come across dis site wher young mothers lik u are fightin a losin battle each day… it seriously did make me think…make me consider life more seriously…for i do not kno wat life has in store for me 5-6-10 years down the line…

    i kno it wud be too much to ask of u…but wud u spare a few mins of ur “precious” life and share ur everyday experience of cancer wid me…may be u cud educate and lighten my heavy heart in the process…

    hoping to get a reply from u soon… take care…

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