gratitude rocks

The good news is my uterine biopsy came back negative.

The bad news is I’m chubby.

And if that’s all the bad news I can muster, then life is dang good.

Actually, there’s a little more good news: I found a truly incredible gynecological oncologist. If anyone in NorCal or nearby needs a referral, I’d be happy to pass on her name and number. Who would have thought that getting a biopsy could be such a positive experience?

Having seen scores of doctors now, I am grateful for those (like my primary, Dr. J; my surgeon, Dr. M; my radiologists, Dr. B and Dr. W ) who are smart, kind, funny.

In fact, I am just plain grateful, period.

Which brings me to this: Last Christmas, my friend Sam, my sister-in-law and I did a little experiment. We decided to not say or think negative thoughts about ourselves for one whole month. And the result was amazing. In the absence of all those negative thoughts, the space in my head was expansive. Not empty; just open for all kinds of new thinking. I found myself assuming others had only good intentions. I found myself feeling as extraordinarily protective of myself as I am with my kids. I found myself. My true self. Not the critic or the judge. And it was beyond healing.

I’m going to do this again in August. I figure August is a good month since we’re going to San Diego and I’ll have to put on a swimsuit (and i say that with a lot of self love). There’s no time like swimsuit time to practice loving-kindness.

Join me this August! I’d love to hear your experiences, techniques, thoughts on treating yourself with as much tenderness and respect as you treat your partner, children, friends, family and others.

You’ve got 7 days–one week–to think snarky comments about yourself.


7 Responses to gratitude rocks

  1. imstell says:

    You would have to issue a throw-down like that as I’m sitting here with my belt cutting into my waist and my jeans getting a bit too friendly with my girl parts (if you know what I mean). I am typically NOT horribly self-critical but I do have my moments. So, I will give it my best shot. But I’m not promising any miracles!


  2. Jill Aldrich says:


    Your comment made me laugh out loud here at work.

    My belt never used to cut into my waist, but now it essentially disappears into my mid-region. And the girl parts are getting a little more action these days.

    I am so happy to hear you’re not horribly self-critical. I’ve made strides, but I lost some ground the past couple of years.

    Thanks for always being so responsive, and let me know if you have any deep insights!

  3. imstell says:

    BTW, I forgot to congratulate you on your negative biopsy!!! Way to pass that test!

  4. OK, I’ll try it! No self-criticism in August.

    I also don’t let my kids put themselves down…. how can I spend so much energy putting myself down??

    August is a tough month, because that’s when I have to get my kids ready for school — and that is tough for me! (can you say “mothers with ADD?”)

  5. Count me in, gosh I don’t know how I’ll go but it’ll be interesting. I think I have a lot of negative self talk, anyway we shall see, thanks for the great idea Jill. Take care my friend x

  6. Oh Jill, Congratulations on the uterine test coming back negative. I am so glad for you, what a relief. It’s so good to hear some positive news from a fellow cancer sufferer. You go girl!!! xx

  7. bcjenster says:

    Yea for the positive, er negative, um good biopsy results! I went through this same crap last summer. BLECH!

    YOU, my friend, are going to rock YOUR swimsuit!! I know it. I sure rocked mine in Hawaii. So much so the earth shook as I walked on the beach!

    I’m going to give your challenge a go. Self-deprecating humor is what I do, though. My forever defense mechanism.

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