every year is a gift

In a few days, I will turn 41.

I will be offline, hanging out at one of my favourite places in the world. I am not sure how peaceful it will be (we will be there with four adults, two kids, two puppies and a grown up dog) but I know it will be happy.

Last year my birthday was a very big deal. My friends and co-workers pooled their resources and sent me to BlogHer in Chicago. And there was a whole month of celebration leading up to the day itself. I was celebrating being alive, turning forty and my first clean scan after the metastasis.

This year I am happy to have things be much lower key. I am feeling pretty lucky these days.

In January, I acknowledged to myself that there were two things I really wanted this year, to attend BlogHer in San Francisco and a puppy. Thanks (again) to generosity from others (and the fact that I spoke at BlogHer this year), both of those things have been realized for me.

That’s a lot. And it’s enough.

Especially when I realize that every birthday marks another year that I have been alive in this beautiful world. Another year surrounded by people I love and in which I have the chance to learn and grow and become stronger.

I have been feeling a little off balance lately, tired and frustrated and somewhat overwhelmed. It’s good to have a birthday to remind me again how lucky I am. And with four clean scans now under my belt, I hope to have lots more chances to celebrate my birthday.

Now that’s not to say that I don’t want a little cake with a few candles and some home made cards from my kids (and I did treat myself to a facial before I left for SF). Even a low-key birthday needs to be celebrated.

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7 Responses to every year is a gift

  1. Have a great birthday – enjoy every moment!!!

  2. Karen says:

    Have wonderful birthday and don’t set the house on fire when you blow our all those candles!

  3. justenjoyhim says:

    Another year — what a wonderful gift indeed!!! 😀

  4. whymommy says:

    Happy Birthday, Laurie! Enjoy that cake, and all that it signifies. It’s a milestone indeed.

  5. Hope you have a wonderful birthday Laurie and many, many more to come. Take care sweetie, hugs Jx

  6. Hippo Birdies Two Ewes!!

    Clean scans after mets? I did not know that was possible!

  7. satarupa says:

    i am nowhere near about in imaginin what trauma u are goin thru. coz i am dis 21 years old chick wid a happy go lucky life…a promisin career ahead…a lovin partner…wat more cud life want?? and den i come across dis site wher young mothers lik u are fightin a losin battle each day… it seriously did make me think…make me consider life more seriously…for i do not kno wat life has in store for me 5-6-10 years down the line…

    i kno it wud be too much to ask of u…but wud u spare a few mins of ur “precious” life and share ur everyday experience of cancer wid me…may be u cud educate and lighten my heavy heart in the process…

    hoping to get a reply from u soon… take care…

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