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For weeks, nineteen mothers with cancer have been pushing to create, update, and expand this site to be a really useful resource for all mothers with cancer, their friends, and family. We’ve written our hearts out, added features, planned useful additions, and dreamed of programs that we wish we’d had available when we were first diagnosed.

We’ve laid our fears bare on the table, without so much as a paper gown to cover us, and done what we could to make it easier for the next mom who is diagnosed.

In fact, those are the words I used at BlogHer, when I handed out MWC business cards. “Hopefully you won’t need us, but please keep the card, and pass it on to any moms who might need to meet some other mothers with cancer. We want to be there for the one mom out there who needs us.”

And, two weeks later, we are told who she is.

Who they are.

This week, my friend (and distant cousin!) Midwestern Mommy was diagnosed with cancer. Many of you know her from her blog. Others know her from twitter. Others know her from the sweet comments that she leaves all over the blogosphere, or the amazing YouTube video she coordinated with dozens of other bloggers and made for me after my mastectomy in January. She is the sweetest, kindest soul, and loved by many.

And this week she found out that she has cancer.

My cancer buddy LawMom, who I went through treatment with, also has a new diagnosis in the family. Her cousin was diagnosed this week with a recurrence. A young mom, with two kids, has cancer for the second time.

It’s not right.

It’s not fair.

It never will be right or fair.

The doctors will work to heal these women, and their families will work to keep them afloat. The women themselves must do the fighting, must keep the faith, must know that they can beat this cancer.

Our job is simple in comparison. As members of this compassionate community, we are committed to sharing our stories as nakedly as we can, so that they know what to expect. So that they know that others have been here before. So that they know that we’re here for them now. So that they know, more than anything, that they are not alone.

Just diagnosed? Add a comment here, or head over to the Mothers With Cancer discussion board … we’re setting up a buddy program and will be happy to help you find support if you want company along this journey.


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  1. Loved the video clip!!

    You have awesome friends!!!

    (I was surprised to see a friend of mine in there!! Robin from

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