Menopause. Again.

How to tell your mother that you’re going through menopause (again), that it’s making you crabby (again), that the HOT FLASHES are crazy (again), and that you’re really, really, REALLY sorry that you complained about the incredible heat in her house the first few days you were visiting ….

Well, if you’re me, first you tell the internet.

Then you hint around for a couple days.

Then you wait until everyone is gathered at the table for a big, friendly, family dinner.

And then your husband tells everyone.


Hi, internet.  I’m in menopause.

Yes, I’m still 35.  No, I’m not in chemo again.  But I am taking tamoxifen, an oral chemotherapy agent that prevents my body from using circulating estrogen and using it to feed any remaining cancer cells.  It does wacky things to the body, including inducing menopause.


All this is making me not worry so much about the oopherectomy (removal of the ovaries) that looms on the horizon.  I mean, if I’m already in menopause, and I’m not going to have any more kids, what’s the big deal about losing my ovaries?

I think.  Comments from those who have been there?


7 Responses to Menopause. Again.

  1. Sarah S. says:

    Oh the hot flashes! They were not even on my radar yet but I knew to expect them. One night I had a little wine and I though that since I had not had any for a while that I was hot because of that. Until I got one the next day in the middle of writing a post. Ug. Now I realize that they were hot flashes. It is a very srange feeling. I am not taking Tamoxafin so mine are chemo induced.

  2. bcjenster says:

    Oh yeah, Baby! Gotta love menopause times two. I went through very intense chemopause. The Tamoxifen didn’t do much to keep the estrogen at bay and I ended up having to have a total hysterectomy with oopherectomy (isn’t that just the funnest word to say?). That, of course, is the uber-simplifed version. Anyway, I went through the hot flashes and night sweats, etc., all over again. I’m happy to say it wasn’t nearly as intense as the first time.

    I had my hysterectomy a little over a year ago and I hardly have symptoms any more (knocking furiously on wood, which is really hard to do and type at the same time). So there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Unfortunately alcohol does exacerbate the hot flashes (which is really a bummer when you’re in a wine club) and it seems to me like sugar makes it worse. That could be my imagination, but I’ve convinced myself of that.

    Good luck with the oopherectomy. After everything you’ve been through it will be a piece of cake!

  3. bcjenster says:

    I forgot to mention that the worst part about going through menopause again is that now you have hair on your head. When I went through chemopause I would whip off my bandana or ball cap. Second time, however, I couldn’t just rip my hair off.

  4. The oopherectomy was not bad. The hot flashes were so much less after the surgery. I still have them and it has been 1 year after, but my body is getting used to the lack of estrogen now so it is better. Coffee/caffeine and alcohol do make the hot flashes worse. The only other thing that was hard was the weight gain, but I am not sure if that was from the aromasin or truly being in menopause. I do have some strange facial hairs now also, but nothing that a little waxing does not take care of!!!!

  5. imstell says:

    I wish my body would get used to menopause! It’s been almost 2 years since I had my ooferectomy. I thought I was almost done with hot flashes but when the weather got hot again, well, so did I.

    If I eat a strong mint I get a hot flash. Swear! Humph!

  6. satarupa says:

    i am nowhere near about in imaginin what trauma u are goin thru. coz i am dis 21 years old chick wid a happy go lucky life…a promisin career ahead…a lovin partner…wat more cud life want?? and den i come across dis site wher young mothers lik u are fightin a losin battle each day… it seriously did make me think…make me consider life more seriously…for i do not kno wat life has in store for me 5-6-10 years down the line…

    i kno it wud be too much to ask of u…but wud u spare a few mins of ur “precious” life and share ur everyday experience of cancer wid me…may be u cud educate and lighten my heavy heart in the process…

    hoping to get a reply from u soon… take care…

  7. whymommy says:


    Welcome. This site is all about sharing a little bit of our everyday life. We do not consider ours a losing battle. Instead, it is a precious gift. We still have the chance to fight for our lives, and we are careful to realize how wonderful each day can be.

    My best to you.

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