While waiting for my chemo

I waited and waited over an hour past my official appointment time until my labs came back.  I was glad to see the doc but shamed that I had to tell her I fell off my bike.  She shook her head and could not believe I was biking in such strong winds. She even took a careful walk instead of getting on her own bike yesterday.  I was just grateful she did not ban me from my only mode of transportation, my bike.  We have been having such a good vacation that I could not worry that it took close to 5 hours to finish a 1-2 hour normal treatment. I asked my loving hubby to go to the news stand and buy me a search a word puzzle book in Dutch of course,  I pretended to still be on the beach and puzzled the afternoon away, no sense in complaining.

I was not even jealous of the lady next to me getting a full facial. I have only 3 days and I’m back to the beach house knowing my numbers are 92 and 14. I think I will even have a sangria when I get to the sandloper restaurant on the beach as a celebration. 

I did use my cancer no card for  the Amsterdam Parade. I would have to shake too many hands and have to explain my thin curly hair to too many outsiders.

3 Responses to While waiting for my chemo

  1. bcjenster says:

    The beach house and sangria sounds lovely!

  2. missed something…. what is a “cancer no card”?

  3. cancervisa says:

    you get to bail out of social or stressful situations by saying no I can’t I have cancer

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