Stand Up To Cancer

You’ll be seeing a lot of press about this, I think, and the wonderful Firemom not only reminded me about this initiative this morning, but also gave me the link to the website about this.

Are you going to Stand Up To Cancer on Sept. 5?

You can bet I am!

Because I’ve already been blogging about my own cancer journey since the beginning, I think it’s safe to say that I already blog for Stand Up To Cancer, hence the new logo that you see on the right side of my blog.

Let’s all get the word out, folks. Stand Up To Cancer, not just on Sept. 5, but everyday! Sept. 5, though, if everyone out there can make a concerted and unified effort, maybe we can get the interest where it can do a great deal of good — with the legislators!

You’ve heard my story, which isn’t finished yet. So many others have cancer or are touched by cancer with family members and friends. The wonderful and strong women of Mothers With Cancer are with me trying to raise children as we deal with cancer in our everyday lives.

There are many ways you can Stand Up To Cancer. The website lists several ideas, and I might post about some of those in the days leading up to Sept. 5.

Join me, fellow cancer fighters and survivors, my friends and supporters, and others as we Stand Up To Cancer.

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4 Responses to Stand Up To Cancer

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  2. FireMom says:

    I think it’s important for everyone to take the five minutes and use the pre-written letter and e-mail their congressmen BEFORE the 5th. Do it!

  3. Laura says:

    I think its an amazing group of stars that have come together to unite in the fight against breast cancer. I am a professional Mariah Carey Lookalike and have done various fundraising events for just these causes. my mother was just diagnosed with advanced breast cancer this July and it truly has hit close to home for me. I will do what I can when I can in regards to any fundraising efforts etc ..Everyday I pray to be strong for my mother throughout her battle as well. You may visit me at if you like. Great job to all of the superstars!

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