SU2C: a single tear . . .

first rolled down my right cheek as I watched this video and listened to the music. As I thought about my father who I lost to cancer 20 years ago . . . . my good friend S. who I lost to a cancer that 80% of people survived when she died from it 15 years ago . . . . as I think about the faces in the “Chemo Room” and wonder who will “make it,” why people aren’t there anymore — are they in remission, or are their treatment options over? As I think about the people in my cancer support group who have fought valiant battles and the one I didn’t get to know who lost his fight with cancer shortly before I joined the group. As I think about the beautiful and wonderful Julia and the lives she touched and how much more life she could have, should have lived, and her tragic death. As I think of courageous and amazing Andrea and her loving and leaving a husband and six children behind and how much more life she had to give, how much more love she had to give . . . . and the single tear running down my right cheek was joined by more . . . . . .

I watched the faces on the video and I felt for all of them, as they are all touched by cancer in some way. They have loved ones who have fought cancer and are survivors or have died from this terrible disease. They have or are fighting this disease.

I know.

I know.

I know firsthand what watching a loved one die from cancer is like, on a day-to-day basis from watching my father die.

I know firsthand what living with cancer is like, since I was diagnosed late in December 2007. I know the horrors of having an “incurable” cancer. I know.

The tears, even for those faces I don’t know . . because those of us in this together — whether fighting it ourselves or touched by cancer from watching a loved one go through it — are in some strange fellowship that can’t be denied, and let’s face it — that means all of us, as far as I can tell.

This is why I talk about kindness, I try [try being the operative word] to live a life based on kindness much more lately than ever before, I try to live a life based on LOVE. Because I see the world, the people in the world in it as being in this together, in this fellowship together, regardless of race, nationality, religion, sexual preference, etc. Together. It may come as a part of my religious background, ala LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s simply a part of being Human too, it’s a part of being a human with all of the other humans on this earth. We are all in this together. Not just with cancer, but with everything. Cancer was simply the catalyst that brought the message home to me like nothing else did.

Look at the faces.


We are all in this together.


and listen



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3 Responses to SU2C: a single tear . . .

  1. Victoria says:

    This video has me crying too. Thank you. I’m crying for my first husband who died when our girls were small, twenty years ago, and my sister-in-law who is fighting metasitsiaed breast cance right now, and Leroy Sievers, cance blogger who died last week, and my young friend Paul who has ababy due in November and is holding his own wiht a brain tumor – and for everybody on this blog. What do I stand for? I stand for Kerry, I stand for my fatherless daughters, and I stand for a cure.

  2. I think about the faces in the “Chemo Room” and wonder who will “make it,” why people aren’t there anymore — are they in remission, or are their treatment options over? “

    I think about this a lot.

    I raised this issue in my support group.

    I want to post about it, but have not had the courage yet.

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