Cutting Back

Doesn’t this look good. It’s my lunch. Fresh peaches bought at a roadside stand, with vanilla yogurt and granola on the top for a bit of crunch. Sniff sniff I am officially TRYING to loose my chemo weight. Well I guess I can’t call it chemo weight I started to gain right after my mastectomy surgery. My thought was if I have to have such a difficult surgery and have to go through having breast cancer I deserve to eat what I want. WRONG! Well maybe not wrong, I feel entitled to the ice cream and fattening things I ate. Life is too short not to eat what you want when you want right? Well I have gotten to the point in all of this madness that I need to be able to wear my old clothes again. Not just the ones I bought because nothing fit me. For people who do not know me in person I am only 5 feet tall give or take (I am really shorter but prefer not to admit it). My frame does not handle weight gain very well. There is nowhere to hide 10 pounds when you are as vertically challenged as I am. So I am starting a diet and exercise program. Walking mostly I am totally not into strenuous activities! I was once an agile athlete lettering in four sports. One being gymnastics. Let me tell you I am not planning on ever flipping again or even cart wheeling which I could totally do before my surgery. If I would have known what I know now I would have done a bunch of them so I could savor the feeling. But hindsight is 20/20 is it not. Back to the diet program, I am not good at it. I will try though. My sister in law suggested that if I post about it I will actually have to do it, so MSD here I go I am starting and will post every week how much I have lost, Or not lost. Hopefully posting about it will give me a the kick in the pants that I need!


One Response to Cutting Back

  1. It is so unfair to have to lose weight with cancer!!

    I have so much to lose, and now I can’t even excersize properly — I am not allowed anything high impact, because of the cancer in my bones.

    I used to love to dance (particularly, Israeli folk dancing). It was the only thing that could get me to move for hours on end. Now I can’t even dance at weddings. (Now I shuffle along, and move my shoulders a lot…. Some people don’t notice the difference. But I do)

    I have maintained my weight during this year, but I really need to take off almost 50 pounds. The extra weight puts stress on aforementioned, full of cancer, bones.

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