Just add water

I’m in menopause this weekend.  Instant menopause, since they took my ovaries, so there’s no gentle ramping-down of the hormones (if there ever is), and there’s no help in the form of an estrogen patch (de rigur for oopherectomies, but my cancer feeds on estrogen, so no patch for me).

Chemo put me into chemopause last fall.  Then I came out and became “regular” again soon after chemo ended.  Then the tamoxifen put me back into chemically-induced menopause.  But that one didn’t stick either.  Today, though, since my ovaries are gone, I know I’m beginning my last and final menopause.

Anyone have advice on surviving the physical and emotional tumult that this is putting me through?  Web sites, support, medical sites, anything would be greatly appreciated.  I’m having trouble putting into words what this means to me, but hopefully I’ll be back on schedule with the posting and such soon.  (But for now, could someone please turn down the heat?)

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  1. cancervisa says:

    My baby nurse suggested chinese herbs, and can be found in pill form. The supplement is a combo of vitimins, e, b5, b6 calcium, Magnesium, silver candle root, chinese angel root, red beatle flower, sweetwood root. It is distibuted in Europe by TM 5.99 on my bottle is a 09005862848 a non toll free pay by the minute number.
    Most have a press english option.
    But I believe you could go into a natural food store and find an equivelant.
    Talk to your doctor about supplements and juicing for that matter, not every onocologist is keen on the idea.
    On good news is with your ovaries now out, you will be thru the change rather fast.

  2. imstell says:

    Susan, I just found this site that might have some helpful advice. But my gyno cautions against herbs, etc. He says “If it’s estrogen-like enough to fool your body, then it’s estrogen-like enough tl fool your body.”

    Here is the website. http://www.wdxcyber.com/hotflash.htm

  3. bcjenster says:

    One nice thing for you is that cooler weather is right around the corner. That helped me tremendously last year (my oophorectomy was July 2 of last year). And for me, at least, I very rarely have hot flashes or night sweats any more. It’s kind of like they all happened at once and then were finished. Which was great since, like you, I’d already been through some type of menopause already!

  4. Like with everything else, everyone is different. So, there is no predicting how your body will react to all these changes.

    A good friend of mine, who had her oopherectomy a few months ago, did plenty of research.

    Please email me, and I will send you her contact info.

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