count down to 2 years of chemo

sunrise balloon

sunrise balloon

September 14Th is my second anniversary of Life Long Chemotherapy. It is also my one year Anniversary of my blog. I have been thinking about gifts for the “girls” at the outpatient treatment wing.  The nurses have become quite attached to me and I am grateful for their interest in the development of my little one. Last year I gave them all a tea cup and saucer with a card in it reading… thanks for the care. I feel I need to buy something that lives. small plant or flowering bush for all 14 staff.

Time for me to hunt down a thank you for everything gift. Any suggestions? I’ve got 7 days or 13 if I show up on the exact day, which is not my chemo day.

Indoor cherry tomato plants, cactus, miniture rose bush? time for some shopping

4 Responses to count down to 2 years of chemo

  1. imstell says:

    Bamboo is a symbol for longevity. It is also a hearty plant and not terribly expensive. That might be just the right message.

  2. throwslikeagirl74 says:

    I was also going to say a hearty plant. I have the brownest thumb on the planet, but I can keep philodendrons alive. Grins. And they filter they air too!

  3. bcjenster says:

    I’m lousy with plants so I have no suggestions. But I do love the idea.

  4. What a great idea!!

    I do not have the budget for gifts for the staff, but I certainly would like to do something!

    If I can get it together, I am going to make a “certificate of recognition.” And I will make miniature copies of it to give to everyone.

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