on simple joys

I had a great day today by doing nothing extraordinary and nothing remarkable.

Nate and I had some errands that we had to do. We wanted to buy him some Cub Scout supplies — a shirt, a neckerchief, the clip that holds the neckerchief together, and the Cub Scout handbook. He also needed new shoes desperately; I mean, the situation was really pathetic. He asked for a big hula hoop, and what self-respecting mother can deny her son something that she was enamored of when she was a little kid? Well, not me, that’s who!! And we wanted to buy a few of those large round containers to put toys in.

Then he wanted to go to his school which has a great parking lot for riding his bike around in. We don’t have sidewalks where we live and it’s not a really safe area for him to ride his bike around yet so his school is a great place for him to ride around when school is out. Plus, he can take breaks and play in the playground.

Missions were accomplished, except that we didn’t find the large round containers that we wanted. No huge deal; we can look at some other store maybe tomorrow.

See? It wasn’t anything spectacular.

Except that I spent the whole day with my boy. I wasn’t too tired from chemotherapy. I wasn’t sleeping for half the day. I wasn’t sick. I wasn’t recuperating from surgery. I didn’t even realize just how much I had missed this until I’ve been able to get back to it.

I’ve missed some time with him, but he’s so understanding and good about it all. He seems so grown up sometimes. He’s had to deal with some very grown up issues which has saddened me. However, as others have pointed out, it’s not all negative for him to have faced this at his age. He’s learning some big life lessons — strength, courage, growth as a family. He’s learning that in times of trouble, we can turn to people and ask for help. He’s learning that we believe in God and the power of prayer. He’s learning that our families can help us and our Church family can help us. He’s learning that tears are OK. He’s learning that talking about his fears is OK. He’s learning that even parents have fears, but we work through them.

And me? I was happy today. Happy to spend time with my boy. We shared a day of simple things together, simple joys. But we shared them, the whole day, and that was huge for me. My strength is coming back, and I can do more things with him. It doesn’t matter much what it is, but it matters that I can spend time with him, being happy, not cranky or tired or sick. Just being Mom and son. Holding hands as we walk across the parking lot of the store. Him saying, “No toys, right Mom?” Me responding, “That’s right, Nate, no toys . . . except the hula hoop,” which we had already talked about. He’s growing all the time, learning all the time, becoming more polite and more of a big boy. He’s more well-behaved all the time . . . . well, most of the time. He has his moments, but then, don’t we all?

He’s my joy, and I’ve missed spending these simple moments with him. I think he’s missed these moments with me too. But we’re getting them back. Hallelujah, we’re getting them back!!

Simple joys.

My heart is bursting today.

Just look.



The bike is still in my car . . . Just In Case we decide to do the same thing tomorrow . . . .

Just In Case. 😀

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5 Responses to on simple joys

  1. sprucehillfarm says:

    Oh what a wonderful day! Truly it is the small things. The kids will remember these things the most! You are truly a couragous and strong woman and he will grow into a courageous and strong Man! Because of you 🙂

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  3. Very happy for you. Very.
    I’ve had gloriously ordinary days with my children when I felt what you describe. I’d say to myself, “every round of treatment, every side effect, every tear was worth it to reach this moment.”
    And nothing and nobody could take that moment away.
    Over the years of treatment, I’ve built up a treasure chest of memories of such moments.

    with hope, Wendy

  4. bcjenster says:

    If I still had hormones I’d say they’re raging because this post made me all weepy. Happy weepy. This is what it’s all about. This is why we put ourselves through so much. And this is why it’s so worth it.

    Here’s to many more wonderful, unremarkable days!

  5. imstell says:

    It’s the simple things in life…

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