October Musings

Where has the year gone? I can hardly believe it’s already October. Mostly I’m very happy about it. I love the cooler temperatures and the changing leaves and the smells of autumn. And as I said in an earlier post, every weekend this month is something unusually fun for me.

At the same time, however, I can’t escape breast cancer. Now granted I have learned to embrace pink and I write about my experience, but that’s all on my time. If I want to hang up my breast cancer hat for day or so I can. Not this month, though.

I’m hoping this year will be a little better than last year. Not once during October of 2007 did I talk about breast cancer. It wasn’t until November when I wrote Blasted October, a post lamenting my dislike of Breast Cancer Awareness. I mean, for hundreds of thousands of us every month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I am farther along this year than I was last year, but I still haven’t totally accepted my new normal. I’m getting there. Slowly, but I’m working on it. So I may not write a lot about breast cancer, at least not on this blog. Then again every post might be about the disease. Not likely, but I suppose it could happen.

On a VERY happy note that totally overshadows whatever feeling I may have about all the pink ribbons out there, our weather is going to be Fallish tomorrow and Friday we’re driving to Rutgers University to meet up with our Hawaiian friends and watch their daughter play soccer. She was recently named the BIG EAST Offensive Player of the Week, a first for Rutgers in six years!

So watch me go, all enjoying October and having a good time and ignoring the pink splattered throughout the rusts and golds and burgundies and oranges of Fall. I may not have the best eye, but even I know pink clashes with the warmer tones of Autumn!


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4 Responses to October Musings

  1. How I do miss Autumn… We have a few roads that we can drive down that have a few trees that turn color. But it is nothing like Autumn in the East… of course we do not have what comes after Autumn in the East but I digress.. Enjoy the color change for me!!!

  2. bcjenster says:

    Mary Beth – I grew up in Redondo Beach and didn’t see what a real Autumn was like until I moved to the South as an adult. lol

  3. Maybe it will help to keep in mind that the pink pizzazz is not directed at you.

    Any “awareness” campaign is directed at folks who are unaware: people who don’t know what it’s like and don’t care.

    As I wrote on my September 14th blog post for Lymphoma Awareness Day: “How does an Awareness Day help? People who are aware are more likely to pay attention to public discussion or policy that affects funding for lymphoma research. They are more likely to contribute to and/or participate in fund-raisers that are trying to fund studies and services. People who are aware are more likely to care.

    Awareness is the beginning of understanding. And understanding is the beginning of fixing.”

    So have a great trip. Soak up the colors of fall. Enjoy cheering on the sidelines of the soccer field. While you are having a fun fall time and forgetting about everything pink, pink ribbons are at work, stirring up awareness that offers new hope.

    With hope, Wendy

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