I got my shirts!

Chemo 010 

I got my shirts for race for the cure on the 19th! I am so excited. I was anticipating one shirt but I got this one too.

Chemo 011 

I have raised over $1200. I am so proud of all of the people who have joined my team that will be there to run walk with me.  I have been really emotional about all of this for the last week or so. I guess because of how overwhelming it will be to be there with all those survivors. There will be special activities for us survivors and I am really excited about taking part in them. I have worked really hard this year. I deserve it!

I also have been emotional about my friends that have cancer and are battling with me. My support group Bcause and my bloggy support group Mothers With Cancer. There have been some really wonderful posts over there and they are well worth reading.

I guess also that it is because of it being October and that it is breast cancer awareness month. I was shopping today and saw a polorfleece jacket and got tears in my eyes. Every where I turn I see pink.

My daughters school is having a pink day this week. They will add on pink to their uniforms and they will pay a dollar to do this. I will take all of the money with me to the race. I can’t wait it will be a good day!

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3 Responses to I got my shirts!

  1. You go girl… bring some tissues for the survivor tribute! It is an amazing experience.

  2. Sarah S. says:

    Thanks for the tip! I will need a whole box. I am a cryer!

  3. What MaryBeth said: you go girl!!

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