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I have been walking around in awe for the last few weeks. Everything I see is pink! I do wish that it was not just October when people are more aware but I guess it is better than nothing.

Here are some things that I think are great! Hats with hair is a site that I found through a cancer blog I have found recently called My Breast Cancer Blog. They have several styles and they look way more comfortable than a regular wig. Those of you having no hair days should check it out!

Another cool thing I found the other day was this necklace. Lisa makes her own beautiful jewelry and has this as her feature this month. I think it is just so beautiful. It would be a wonderful gift for a birthday or Christmas or just to show your support to a friend who is struggling with breast cancer. She also has lots of other designs that are not just about breast cancer. Designs with Hope and inspire on them. She also does beautiful necklaces you can put your childs name on! So check them out! Good gift ideas!

I also love this. I bought it for myself on Thursday. It is a beautiful bracelet made by Brighton. Now I was a bit hesitant to get this but the day I got it the store actually was donating 20% of the sales from that day to the Chesapeake Cancer Alliance, which is local here where I live. I thought it would be a good gift too for someone who has supported me through this last few months. So I got two!

  These two products I found at Peir1. I thought they would also make good Christmas gifts, or even birthday or just a thank you gift. I thought if I was giving someone a candle hey why not do it to benefit a good cause? Susan G komen.

Ok that is the end of my shopping extravaganza post!

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3 Responses to Things I like

  1. imstell says:

    The Hats with Hair site is cool. I added it to the shopping tab.

  2. sprucehillfarm says:

    Oh Good! Thanks Stella!

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