On my way to pain-free

My lymphedema physical therapist is a genius.  Not only does she drain the lymph that clogs my right arm as a result of my mastectomy, but she finds answers to my other aches and pains.  Yesterday, she discovered what’s been causing the incredible pain under my right shoulder blade.  The PT out here didn’t.  He stretched the muscle for 8 sessions, but never found the cause.  She took about 5 minutes to figure it out.

Get this.

Last spring’s radiation damaged the muscle under my arm.  Which pulls on the muscle across my back under my shoulder blade.  And pulls my vertebrae out from under my spine.  Which hurts like hell.


An answer to the pulled-out vertebrae (which she put back in quickly and painlessly), the back pain, the neck stiffness, and the tenderness on that side under my arm that has lingered for months.

I go back tomorrow to have the muscle worked on — and hopefully the pain fixed.

Seriously.  I think this woman is a genius, and a great person too — she’s working on a program to bring lymphedema therapy to breast cancer patients in Egypt!

If you’re a breast cancer patient with a mastectomy and haven’t seen a lymphedema therapist yet — go.  It’s worth every penny and every second of your time.  And you never know what else she might be able to fix!


3 Responses to On my way to pain-free

  1. bcjenster says:

    Yea!! What happy news!!!

  2. imstell says:

    Awesome! Talent is everything.

  3. I would be curious to know what she finds in Egypt.

    My health fund here, in neighboring Israel, has only one PT in all of Jerusalem who specialized in lymphatic massage.

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