Worry update


After a phone call to my oncologist and two quick call backs the advice I am getting is to see my plastic surgeon. I guess that is good? I had already made an appointment to see her, so I guess I wait until December 4th.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. It is so difficult to know what to do, who to call,who to see. There are so many doctors involved in my whole cancer story.

This might be a good topic for us to add here at our cozy little blog. How do we know when it is mets? What do we look for? What are the most common symptoms of recurrence?


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  1. I just had that conversation with my oncologist yesterday. She said they would only give me a bone scan if there were symptoms because it too much radiation to just give random scans. She also said that if there is an ache from the knees down or from the elbows down, then it is NOT from the breast cancer.

  2. imstell says:

    I’m right there with you. I’ve been looking for The Definative Guide to Recognizing Mets for quite a while now. Ha! And then, just because my body hates for anyone to suffer alone, I developed a bruised rib (at least that’s what it feels like). Only the rib is completely covered by my belly-boob and how could it possibly get bruised?????

    Soooo, I called my own onc today. We get to chat on Wednesday. It’s probably just those pesky reconnecting nerves… but better safe than sorry.

  3. katbur says:

    Some people with metastatic cancer do not have symptoms. Their metastases are found by x-rays and other tests performed for other reasons.

    When symptoms of metastatic cancer occur, the type and frequency of the symptoms will depend on the size and location of the metastasis. For example, cancer that spreads to the bones is likely to cause pain and can lead to bone fractures. Shortness of breath may be a sign of lung involvement. Abdominal swelling or jaundice (yellowing of the skin) can indicate that cancer has spread to the liver.

    I know it’s not definitive but I hope it helps.

  4. cancervisa says:

    My Doc was tapping on my back between my shoulder blades and I received a sort of ” that smarts” pain. I also had migrane headaches. My truly first indicator was a stiff neck that truly would not go away no matter how much physical therapy, acupunture or alternative homopathic creams ( ie tiger balm) I lived with a scarf around my neck day and night thinking that keeping the neck warm would make it more supple. (everyone is different, this is a custom answer)

  5. when in doubt… ask
    adhere to the old adage: better safe than sorry
    but know that there is not always something to do
    I felt fine, better than I had in years, when a routine check up raised the red flag
    my cancer defied all the statistics and snuck in through the back door…

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