A Glimpse of Normalcy

So.  Where have I been?  Every year I play the piano for my friends’ musical.  They teach high school (crazy people).  This was my third show with them so I’ve really gotten see these kids grow as actors and performers.  Very cool. 

Crazy high school teachers.

Crazy high school teachers.

Of course, just like any show, things can go wrong.  Friday, for example.  Well my Friday just started out bad and kept on going.  Got the boy up extra early to go with me to get the tires aligned on the car.  No easy task.  You’ve seen him sleep.  It’s like waking the dead.  The crabby dead.  Found out that the alignment machine was broken when I got there.  They did fix the turn signal though.  While we were in the waiting room, an older couple walked in and asked me if J was my grandson.  Grandson.  I’m 34.  Seriously. 

Things calmed down for a while and just when I think I have my ducks in a row…  Big J called me around 4-ish saying he was heading home.  Which was great!  Plenty of time to get to the show.  Until I got the call that he was stuck in traffic.  And I’d just cancelled the babysitting.  We got that snafu straightened out and I received a worried phone call from my friend.  Did I know that the show started at 6 pm?  Ugh.  She had told me and I forgot to write it down. (Darn chemo brain.)  A speedy trip down the high way and I make it just in time for curtain.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Apparently the kids (being high school kids) had had some social problems early that day, which was worked out, but stressful none the less.  AND the icing on the cake was the piano lamp was broken.  We taped it together and the show went on.  At one point the top came loose and started spinning.  During the show.  Looked like a rave.  Heh.  My friend and I had the giggle fits pretty much all the way through that number.

So what do all of these stories have to do with being a Mother with Cancer, you ask?  As perverse as it sounds, for the first time since January, I was completely stressed out by something other than cancer.  And in a weird way, it was good.  Heh.

Oh and the musical?  It was awesome.  Those kids crack me up.

Beethoven Day!

Beethoven Day!


4 Responses to A Glimpse of Normalcy

  1. So nice that you had “normal” stress – I understand completely.

  2. francesbarrie says:

    I can’t wait for that…a cancer-stress-free-stressful day. That’s a great observation!

  3. laurie says:

    Yes! Here is to many more opportunties to deal with the stressors we choose (sort of )!! 😉

  4. I can name that musical in one picture!! “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” — great costume and set design!!

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