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Let’s just agree that the whole ‘being thankful” thing on Thanksgiving day is a little cliche` — is it not?   Ideally we are all supposed to feel thankful each and every day  and we are supposed to be aware of our blessings with each new sunrise.  But seriously, that is a little unrealistic.  The only people that can sustain that level of thankfulness are Ghandi, Mother Theresa, and perhaps Oprah. For everyone else, life is life and life gets in the way and life is hard and most days it’s a struggle to get through.  So we are given this one day to reflect.  It does not make us hypocrites to bitch and moan all year and then wax reflective on Thanksgiving; it makes us human.  At least we are given this one day a year when we are forced to be thankful.

Almost every person in my life is struggling with something right now.  Some have health issues, others can’t pay their bills, many are lonely, and some are fighting physiological demons.  These are my friends and my family and I think about each one of their concerns daily. They weigh on me and I worry about them.  I worry about myself too.  But today I thought, well, at least each one of these plights are separate; at least there are other things to be thankful for.  For example, I have cancer; but I am not alone.  Someone who is feeling the pressures of finances right now, at least has their health and someone who loves them. Each person that I know is struggling has at least one positive aspect in their lives.  It just takes a little searching to find it sometimes. A little bit of digging past all the daily crap to find the one bright spot.So on Thanksgiving we are allowed to dig deep and find the one thing we do have — not focus on the 10 things we don’t.

There are things I don’t have this Thanksgiving that I had last year –my long hair, my left breast, and my mother. Tomorrow I won’t think about those things, I will concentrate on what I do have.  What I do have this Thanksgiving is a new awareness of how precious my life is and how amazing it feels to connect to people.  I feel that I have gained far more than I have lost in the past year and for that I am eternally thankful.  For all of you, my friends , who have been there to guide me and listen to me and hold my hand throughout this ordeal I am overwhelmingly grateful.  This Thanksgiving I will stop and realize how truly lucky we all are in one way or another, even though it may not feel that way on most days, and hopefully we can be a little like Oprah and continue to feel grateful all year long.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. Rhoda Waiss says:

    What a beautiful note! I know how you feel:-)


    To EVERYONE…I am so thankful for having crossed paths with you:-)

    Some things are just not meant to be secrets! As Thanksgiving approaches each year, I find myself taking inventory of my life over the past 365 days. Some people use New Years Day as their measurement marker but not me…for the last 3 years for me… it’s Thanksgiving because I now measure my life in terms of the days lived following my near fatal car accident (which occurred 3 years ago on Oct 25th).

    It may sound so cliche-ish to say “it changed my life!”, but it did. So what’s different? EVERYTHING and I mean everything!! I’ve learned how to put myself first and WHY that’s so important to everyone I care about. Ironically, the lesson came because that accident first caused me to put myself dead last! Isn’t it funny how life works in such mysterious ways.

    I am so incredibly blessed and thankful because for YEARS I’ve wanted the following and now I feel as if I’m well on my way to them:-) :

    1) to be one of those people who seemed to be able to weather life’s challenges without falling apart at the seams.

    2) to be one of those women who seemed to have a friend in “father time” across her face and in her body.

    3) to be one of those wives whom their husbands are madly in love with and supremely proud to “show off”.

    4) to be one of those mothers whose children never had to experience the words “THAT’S your mom????” in a way that hurt their feelings and self worth, but rather in a way that instilled pride and confidence in who they are and the kind of family they come from.

    5) to be the kind of person inspired by life and the experiences it has to offer by stepping way outside my comfort zone and seeing what that brings me, verses always being afraid of what waits around the next corner in terms of more stress and misery…therefore always choosing to stay close to what I KNOW verses seeking out with exuberance…what I HAVE YET to learn.

    6) to be one of those friends who genuinely HELPS people in ways that are significant to THEM when they need it most.

    7) to have a sense of purpose that makes getting up and attacking each and every day with vigor and promise…the NORM!

    8) to be an individual who LIVES life “in action” instead of just watching it go by from the couch wishing my life was more exciting, meaningful, and physically active

    9) to embrace aging and going to the Dr’s office for my annual physical knowing that each year…like a fine wine I’m actually getting better as opposed to deteriorating away bit by bit.

    10) to feel full of PROMISE, WONDER and APPRECIATION for HOW FAR I’VE COME, instead of looking back each year and seeing that I’m in the SAME place I was the year before, three years before, five years before…with only minor insignificant changes marking the passage of time…AND WORSE…only being able to reasonably predict that it will be more of the same in looking ahead to my future.

    YES…I can honestly look at my life and know that everything, good and bad, happens for a reason! The difference is I am now ENGAGED in my life! I realize that I actually honor God best by taking care of the body and the mind that he gave me, by cultivating my dreams and my talents for the good of myself and others, and by always treating myself with respect and love first and foremost! I found the courage to step forward and claim the things I wanted and I found the courage to change the way I live my life in order to assure that goal!

    My greatest Thanksgiving wish and prayer for each and everyone of you…is that YOU DO THE SAME for whatever it is that YOU WANT in your lives!!! If I can…so can you!

    HEALTH IS so much more then how you feel…it’s healthy Body, healthy Mind and healthy Finances…I am truly well on my way to living this Trilogy of Optimal Health and I am truly grateful! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone…what will YOU be thankful for next year?! 🙂

    God Bless and Big Hugs from me and mine:-)

    Live In Great Health & Joy!

    Rhoda E.S. Waiss
    Triliologist/Health Coach (ID#22643101)
    ~See & Feel the Change, Live the Change, Share the Change!

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