A Life Sentence

A while ago I posted an excerpt from my son’s Sentence Completion List. This was an assignment from Dr. Flaton, the pediatric ADD specialist. As a very special treat for you today, I will post the remainder of his sentences. And perhaps a comment or two if you are very, very good readers. Just a reminder, he is 8 years old.

1. I would like to be a scientist.
2. My mother loves chocolate martinis. (ack! choke! cough! While technically true, this was not high on my list of things I wanted the doctor to know.)
3. I cannot have a cell phone. (This is so true. But I am considering wrist watch walkie talkies with a mile and a half range.)
4. If I only had a cell phone I’d love my Mom and Dad. (Boy! They learn early don’t they? The answer is still “NO!”)
5. Girls _____________________ (He had no reply to that. I find that comforting on so many levels.)
6. I am ashamed of my brother having attitude. (Note that he’s not ashamed of his own behavior. This answer is totally worthy of a presidential candidate!)
7. I am afraid of nothing. (Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of…)
8. I like Pokemon cards.
9. I don’t like summer school.
10. I love my Mom, Dad and brother.
11. Boys are my friends.
12. Mother should do nothing. (I am not exactly sure how to take that… but I like it.)
13. There are times when I am bored.
14. I hate bullies.
15. It makes me sad to watch a kid being bullied.
16. My home is small.
17. Father should do nothing. (again with that?)
18. People think that I am stupid. (What!? After much teeth gnashing and hand wringing it turns out there is a snotty 2nd grader that asks him things like “what is 1000 x 200?” When he doesn’t know the answer he tells him he’s stupid. Grrrrr!)
19. Sometimes I think about skateboarding and fishing and surfing.
20. Nobody knows that I have ADD. (I can’t decide if it’s wonderful or really sad that he doesn’t get that people know he’s ADD…)
21. The best thing that ever happened to me was riding a horse.
22. The worst thing that ever happened to me was breaking my wrist the first time.

So, I guess we haven’t completely ruined our kid. Except for being outed about the chocolate martini addiction and the small house it’s all good.

Did anyone notice what didn’t make the list ?????


That’s right. No cancer anywhere.

No, “worst thing that ever happened to me was mom getting cancer…”

No, “mom should buy a wig…”

No, “afraid my mom will die…”

Just normal, every day eight-year-old boy stuff: science, surfing, cell phones and Pokemon cards. Thank you, Lord!

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6 Responses to A Life Sentence

  1. francesbarrie says:

    That’s awesome. The list is awesome and the fact that he left out “cancer” is awesome. I smiled when I read this.

  2. Yeah!!!! No cancer stuff!!!

  3. laurie says:

    LOL!! Chocolate martinis, indeed. I am loathe to know what my kids would write. And hooray for no cancer. A sign of a secure kid and great parenting.

  4. Hedgie says:

    Thank you for my morning smile. Just when you think their lives are totally devastated you learn hey, they’re really more into what’s happening at recess than your medical tests. Such a good thing.
    I’m going to give both my kids the “finish this sentence” exercise today. Maybe even my husband, but he’ll get a modified version.

  5. me too!!

    I would love to do this as a family activity.

    Btw, my son is ADD too….. as is him mom….. *sigh*

  6. Hey Stella,

    I couldn’t figure out how to post a comment on your main blog!

    So, I’m tagging you here!!

    Tag, You’re It!!

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