Thinking of you today

I’m finally well enough, finally prepared enough, finally letting-go-of-my-kids enough to be downtown at work today. Doing something good. It’s all good.

It’s amazing to me that a year ago I was bedridden and on chemo. Two years ago I had no idea that I had cancer. How quickly things change.

Thinking of you today.


4 Responses to Thinking of you today

  1. And today I started chemo – it is amazing how time changes everything.

  2. cancervisa says:

    you beat cancer!

  3. whymommy says:


    Welcome to the club. Good luck with chemo — you can do it.


    P.S. to everyone else — Look for Stephanie’s posts here soon!

  4. whymommy says:


    Did I? It’s so hard to know. But yes, I am grateful that I’m in remission now and doing well. A year ago, it was hard to see that it could be done. But here I am.


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