A different kind of good-bye

Every few days I peruse the other MotherswithCancer personal blogs. I am still trying to get to know everyones personal stories and it is so interesting to read all of the things going on in everyones lives. Yesterday I made a stop at PunkRockMommy’s blog and I felt many emotions surface again. The message was to inform all of her readers that the blog will be no more. I spent some time reading all of the comments and feeling many of the same emotions as written. It is another good-bye, a different kind. This internet is a funny thing. We can feel like we know someone, like we have new friendships where we otherwise would probably never have. We can share in people’s joy from afar, but also read of their pain and hopefully learn from both.

My personal feeling is that it would be good for so many others “out there” to hear about how Andrea’s children are doing, how their lives progress, to see the influence that she had and will continue to have in them plays out.  But I understand that they need to live their lives, to move forward, to live their new normal. One reader commented on turning all of her posts into a book, such a great idea.

So I guess my message today is take a minute, visit her blog and pay your respects…


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