Still recovering…


Not recovering from surgery or radiation treatment, but from St. Nicolas. My baby wanted to see if there were more presents at the fire place. She was highly disappointed, and sad. So sad we had a hard time convincing her to go to preschool in light of all the cool new presents to play with. The shining light on this subject was that it happened to be the birthday of the teacher which means the party continues. My little darling had to buy a single flower to be put into the bouquet for the teacher.

I am woke up to see a piece of tape with a small flag like piece of wrapping paper attached to my purse.  I am using my No , I have cancer card and not going to the teacher’s party. The stimulation is way too much for me today. I just want to take it easy, I have a cousin coming for lunch and that is plenty of activity for me for one day.  I am not going to feel obligated or guilty not attending a chaotic kids party with enough parents to step over.

I have but one small problem, I don’t know if my new chemo is working or not. I probably will not get the results next Monday no matter how in advance I get my blood taken. So I have to let it ride until after the holidays or do I ask for my fresh scan results ( which put me on this new medicine in the first place)  and get a second opinion. If a second opinion is possible to even get in the holiday season.


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