My first check up


Tomorrow I will have my first doctors appointment in four months. I am a bit nervous. I have been having survivorship issues and I am really anxious about my appointment. It is first thing in the morning, so I am glad about that. It is always in the back of my head, my cancer poking me and saying “Hey you never know if I will come back”

So Off I go bright and early in the morning to talk to my Oncologist and hopefully some of my fears and worries will go away for a bit. (I hope so). I feel like this is a big hurtle for me. All of my Holiday spirit has been a bit squelched by it and I hope that it will go away tomorrow so I can truly enjoy the season.

I also want to remind everyone that just because it is the holiday season does not mean you can skip your monthly self breast exam. So go and do it, Feel Your Boobies!

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One Response to My first check up

  1. sprucehillfarm says:

    Everything went really well at my check up and there were no problems. All my pain and discomfort is just from my recovery! So I am having a glass of wine tonight!

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