Who wants to help me write a bill and send it to congress

Hilary Clinton introduced the mamma gram. That every mother should get a mammogram. I think we should become women advocates and take the mamma gram a step further. We should require a young women to get a mammogram before she enters the work force, or before she goes into higher education. Make a physical and a mammogram part of the entrance requirement to university-college. Why you ask. Why such drastic measures.

Well my take on it is survivability. It is know that is stages one and two are 70% curable. But where it gets hairy is when the cancer goes undetected like mine and heyjudeseattle …see her video.


The other reason for a mammogram is to have a baseline, a clean slate as it were to base better prognosis and know better courses of development.  I would rather have thousands of dollars wasted to have nothing show up on a mammogram than have one younger women die of cancer because it is considered an old age disease.

Did you know the fastest growing group of new cancer patients are under 40 years of age and premenopausal. Balance that against all studies are made around POST menopausal women. So basically the medicine world does not have a clue how to treat a premenopausal women except to force her into menopause via drugs or removal of ovaries via an operation.

Who wants to help me right a breast cancer bill and send it to congress!


One Response to Who wants to help me write a bill and send it to congress

  1. Amyconn says:

    I’d love to help with something like that! I also think it should be manditory to get a biopsy on any lump.

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