The Cost of Living

(excerpts and adaptations from previous posts  herehere, and here)

So, if there is one thing that I am learning as a cancer patient, it is to recognize that I cannot control everything.

For the past 6 months, my markers have been steadily rising and my pain has been increasing.

After months of tests, scans, deliberations, and sending me for a second opinion, my oncologist has determined that my previous drug combo is no longer working.

Both oncologists recommended continuing treatment with Herceptin and switching to Taxol.

To make life interesting, my health fund denied me further coverage of Herceptin.  Once there has been “progression of disease,” they are no longer required to provide coverage. 

In Israel, Herceptin costs 170,000 NIS per year (approx. $45,000) (At the best of times, Israeli salaries are about 1/4 of American salaries)

I am appealing the decision, but the process could take months.

Meanwhile, God has sent me an angel who is making sure that I continue to receive the Herceptin.  

Several years ago, when I had the opportunity to purchase private insurance covering medications, I decided to forego that added expense. After all, I thought, how expensive can medications be?

Little did I know….


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