My last treatment of the year

It was an APD bone strengthener, but as I watched the others getting their chemo infuse, I almost jumped out of my skin at a young intern. She asked this new patient to get onto the scale to get her weight for the chemo, but what she did not believe that the new patient knew her own length. She asked her to get out her bed for the second time, walk down the hall to a place where the meter stick was attached to the wall.  Why did the super intern not believe the info of the new patient? The new patient was obviously in pain, even I could recognize the pain from across the room.

I wished her “strength” as she hobbled away to the meter stick. You could see the pain in her eyes that softened as she thanked me back. I think she thanked me for recognizing her pain/fear.

When it was time for my waiting room time, I got a little wave of the fingers from my “replacement” doctor. The doc I see when my doc is on vacation.  He names me the “daring”on, but  Dutch use it to mean brave and valiant.  As I watched the end of Narnia and  Queen Susan the Gentle, I am not. I relate much better to the younger character, Lucy the valiant.

The Last treatment of the year made me give a christmas feeling, I even gave a random truck driver who let me go before him. I blew him a kiss!  I headed for home, but not before stopping in a specialty shop where the nuts are gound into peanutbutter before your eyes. I picked up a box of nicely decorated nuts for my Physical Therapist.

I just need to start humming Christmas carols.

This is my last post of the year as well. For those who want to visit, I’ll be across the pond until January 7th.


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