Two Years of Growth…

I started writing this post on Saturday after I got home from the hairstylist, then I read Sprucehillfarm’s post and thought about not posting it. Sometimes I feel that I do not have alot that I can contribute to this site as I am not going through active treatment right now. But then I thought why not…. so here goes…

 Just about 2 years ago I removed my wig, 4 months to the day after my last chemo treatment. I went to my stylist to color my ¼” short stubble. Saturday when I went back for my retouch, foil and cut and we were talking about my cancer journey in “hair terms”. I found this stylist when I moved here 5 years ago and I see him about every 6 weeks. I called him just after I was diagnosed and asked if he would cut my hair long hair short before it fell out, which he did at no charge.  The cute cut lasted 17 days and then it ended up on the floor, in the shower, on the bed, in my hands…

My hair loss was a big deal to me and mostly to my son who was 5 when I was diagnosed.  When we first told the kids that I was sick and I said that the medicine would make my hair fall out, he burst into tears. I have to say that other than the fact of him being afraid that I would die I think the hair thing was the biggest issue to him. 


 I did not see my stylist for about 7 months during my treatment, but I was sure to go back to him as soon as the growth came back in. We had some fun over the past 2 years choosing different colors and I let him work his magic. Cancer has that way about teaching you to relinquish some control.

This visit we reminisced about how far my hair has grown… the stages we went through. He told me that he cried for me before I came in for the short cut…he reminded me that I cried too…


 My son eventually could look at me when I was bald, but I know it was difficult.


Even when I did not need the wig anymore and would come home with different styles or shades… it was hard for him… he does not deal well with change. As my hair gets longer and is back to the original (before cancer) color I get no reaction from him- which is probably the best thing that I could ask for…I am becoming the old Mom again. 



As I am writing this, he is sitting at the kids computer which is next to ours, he looked at what I am writing and asked what ”two years of growth” was about. As I explained that it was 2 years ago that my hair was long enough to remove my wig and that I was writing this for the MWC blog to perhaps help another Mom out there… he put his hand on my back and rubbed me. He got this adorable look on his face and said “I miss your old hair…”  I said, “ I know I do too, but it is getting close to where it was – probably one more year” ….he just smiled, shook his head and said ”yeah… can I call my friend to see if she can go on Toon Town?”


6 Responses to Two Years of Growth…

  1. sprucehillfarm says:

    Oh I am glad you posted it! It sounds so much like my story, My hair was really long too I miss it! You look beautiful!

  2. Lisa Doornik says:

    Your son’s reaction was so much like my 6 year old daughter’s. All 3 kids had a hard time reacting to the news, but she hated the idea of a “bald mommy.” For us, it helped to have the girls cut my hair. They were in charge of the transformation. It was great for all of us. I can’t wait to be where you are now! Thanks for sharing.

  3. LIsa,

    I just spent a bit at your blog and it looks like the worst is over. Our cancers are very similair except that I am not HER2+. I was diagnosed 4/28/06 so it sounds like you are just about 2 years behind. I wish you the best and I will keep checking on your progress. For me the “fills” were not too painful once you get used to them – you are probably just too sore since you just had your surgery. Lydacaine is my friend!!!

  4. throwslikeagirl74 says:

    My daughter said I looked weird after I shaved my head.. Gotta love the frankness of children. 🙂 On the other hand, my son thought it was cool. He still likes to rub my short hair. Heck, I’m just happy to have some. 🙂 It’s cold. Grins.

  5. Liane says:

    My 17 year old daughter who was taking a cosmetology class in school and loves everything hair related, vaccuumed by head with the brush attachment when it started falling out in earnest. My younger daughter took photos. Now almost 3 years later she is still the only one that has cut, colored or otherwise treated my hair. She is my hero.

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