today’s post is brought to you by the letter R

I saw my oncologist today, and the appointment was all positive. It was great. I honestly thought she might do one of those, “You know, there’s a possibility of recurrence, blahblahblah . . . . ” because if you look in the medical literature, my kind of cancer does have a high percentage of recurrence. I’m just not giving that room in my brain because I’m alive and happy and I refuse to think “recurrence.” My thoughts are focused on “life” and “blessings” and good things like that. Well, except when Frank and I fight and I’m comforting my son, but even then I’m not thinking “recurrence.”

I don’t think of it as denial either. I choose to think of it as the way things will be. 😀

Soooo, we had the appointment with Dr. Funky Glasses, and like I said it was all positive, and not only did she NOT use the word Recurrence, she used the word Remission. Just on December 9, when I was in the clinic and hoping to get the results of the CT scan before I left that day, the nurses there said that a patient isn’t considered in remission until she’s had clean scans for a year. Well, that’s not how Dr. Funky Glasses sees it. She told me I’m in Remission NOW. I said, “so I can do the Remission Dance?”

So you can do the Remission Dance,

she said smiling.

HALLELUJAH!! Time to bust a move and do the Remission Dance!

I’m Remission Grrrrl, after all.


Only much, much louder.

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  2. imstell says:

    Echoes of your “Yay” are being heard all across the country tonight.

  3. Shout it out!!!

    We are dancing with you!!

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