Cleared for Takeoff

Tomorrow marks the next phase in this cancer journey I began a year ago.  After meeting with the doctors today, I have been cleared for my breast reconstruction surgery tomorrow morning.   The virus I had at Christmas seems to have dissipated enough that they can operate and the impending ice-storm does not seem to faze my fearless Dr. Plastic.  He assures me that no matter what weather the God’s reign down upon us tomorrow, that everybody will be there including himself and the anesthesiologist.

The only other concern at this point was my platelet count.   I had a bit of a scare on December 23rd when I went for treatment and pre-op.  It appeared that my platelet count had been dropping steadily since June.  The possibility of Leukemia left me weak-kneed and caused a few sleepless nights.  Dr. plastic ran a blood test today and was happy to inform me that my count was back up to 260 something ( I had fallen below normal range to about 154).

Anyway, all is set for tomorrow, after which I will unfortunately be stuck with another nasty drain and 2 weeks of absolute rest, but will also, if all goes according to plan — have fabulous breasts! 



4 Responses to Cleared for Takeoff

  1. imstell says:

    Good luck, indeed! As soon as you’re able remind us which type of reconstruction you’re having again. My memory is a sieve these days. 😉

  2. Sarah S. says:

    Good luck! Hope everything goes smoothly 🙂

  3. clergygirl says:

    yay! Quick recovery to you!

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