Rounds of radiation linger in the air

Just been out of touch for a while, and wanted to get everyone up to speed on what has transpired in the last 5 days.

I came back to bad news, and immediate action is taking place. Well as immediate as the socialized medicine system can do. I have been bumped to the top of the MRI list and am getting a new scan Sunday at 3:45 GMT.  After waiting 5 months for my last scan and now getting two what I consider back to back inside of  a month, makes me ponder the logic to the whole wait list system.

But apparently my blood level have skyrocketed ( see more on cancervisa) and I am scheduled to see a radiologist in the near future to examine the “growth” and determine the best approach to this aggressive  cancer activity. I really am not looking for a chat session, and then tease me and call me back later. Filling my head with bad news and waiting with anticipation until they can do sims ( simulations) and finally get to the radiation.

I guess I want to let go of the formalities, and get down to why we are there in the first place.  I’d be just peachy if I got a 5 minute consultation before I hit the sims and be Zapped that same day.  I am aware of the dangers, can we just get on with this please?  You can see I have been around the block a few times with radiation, and I have  had my red chest marks to prove it.  So for those who wanted to visit and catch up with each other in Texas at the Dallas YSC conference, I’ve had to give back my scholarship and still fighting the travel insurance company to get my ticket refunded. Just a bit annoying at best, compared to what awaits me. RADIATION ugh.


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  1. Just read your blog post (on your blog).

    Please keep us posted!

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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