Bio- short and sweet

Before Cancer I was raving maniac. I had a job as Marketing Project Manager for an Internet firm that was attached to a big telecom.( name left out on purpose). I had signed contracts for over 2 million and had just as big a budget.

I trimmed down my life after my first fight with cancer, I changed country, married the most caring man in the world, and became a College Professor, gladly giving back my business knowledge on newly stamped college students. This life change I thought would save me from cancer ever coming back, but unfortunately for me that was not the case.

I was over my 5 year goal and I rethought my ideas of having children before it was too late. As I was happily content  on the thought of having a baby girl.  But  at 5 months pregnant, massive migranes started to occur. All the baby books agreed there is a 10 % chance of migranes in your 5th month.

No turning back now, bed rest was the advise, but after a month other oddities were cropping up. My brain could not command my head to lift off the pillow. Sharp pains when I would reach out to shake some ones hand. Bullet like slow mo pain would start in my eye and escape out of my ear/ back of the neck  especially if I put my elbows on the table. With further investigation, my cancer was back. With my sweet unborn child still in my body, I recieved 3 light doses of chemotherapy  5FU and radiation ,  the Doc calling it a little Hiroshima.

The good news is that I have the most active healthy 3 year old you would ever want to meet. And she is one of the reasons I am still alive, because she exists. Along with a kind and understanding husband by my side, we battle life long chemotherapy and terminal cancer together. I needed more and I began to blog after having a year of chemotherapy with a milestone of over 100 chemotherapies while I was blogging, I searched for bloggers who has similar tag lines as mine and eventually formed a bond via motherswithcancer group that saves me daily from going crazy.


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  1. whymommy says:

    What a story! Chemo during pregnancy … that must have been terribly difficult for you. What a miracle that you are both here today!

    It’s a nice day to hear about a miracle….

  2. I also found the blogisphere to be a tremendous source of information and support.

    Blogging has helped me to process what is going on, to keep perspective and to remain connected to people (when I have no energy to do anything other than sit and “veg” in front of my computer….)

    I am so glad to be blogging with other mom, and especially with other moms who, like me, are on what I call “the long term plan.”

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