fireside chat to bedside chat

I have been blogging offline for two days, because I landed in the hospital unexpectantly. The reason is called

Neuropathy.  I got a numb bottom right lip that grows per day to the size of a softball deep into my gums and the next

day the processes starts all over again. After a battery of scans and lung x-rays, I have baffled the doctors. No water

on the brain, no hot spots on the lungs. No Tia, or mini strokes.  While they were scratching their heads, I was being

confined in prisoner like fashion. Don’t walk around un attended, and going outside for fresh air was unheard of.

I blew a gasket, and began my highly tuned negotiating skills to get myself back home in my own bed.  This was not

a psych ward, and could not be kept against my will? right?

The Plan is to set up new radiation spots to help relive the pain, Neck, Ribs and a sundry of other small places on the hip. Otherwise I will live a life of pain killers and pray God understands that I suffer as Jesus did on the cross. I am not being over dramatic, I have a high tolerance for pain. But even I can not bear day and night excruciating stabbing pain. So the plan is to give me morphine pills and happy pills to change the disposition of the pain killers that give you an I “don’t care” in the world feeling.

Dexamethason better know to the Dutch as Laugh pills.  Happy pills and  Oxynorm 20mg every night, here I come.

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  1. I am so sorry to read this! And a little scared.

    Please keep us posted!

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