My negotiation skills still work

I am out of the hospital and home!  I woke up to the sound of puking, but it was not from me but from my little princess.  I think all the emotional separation has impacted her immensely.  The day wore on with more  throw up and soft bowel movements. I vow to call the doctor if it continues for more than 24 hours.  Sure enough, last night at dinner the dinner table had a near miss.

Oddly enough I was glad to be home and purposely there to rock my sweet child to sleep, and attend to her feverish red cheeks. It totally distracted my own pain, that is now a constant reality for me.

In the hospital they want to know on a scale from o to 10 how much pain you are in.  My answer now is 3 but in the lonely hospital with nothing else but myself to focus on was the same painful region an 8.  Diversion is not a cure for me but definitely a good home grown remedy to cancer pain. You could say it was another form of negotiation, but not with the doctors, but within myself.

One other negotiation was that I allowed my child to use scissors real adult scissors for the first time. But not to cut an ordinary piece of paper, no much more significant. My Hospital Arm Band!  It was a special occasion for both of us. Our little unforgettable moment. I have to make more unforgettable moments as soon as possible.


3 Responses to My negotiation skills still work

  1. Sarah S. says:

    I am glad you are home, I hope your little princess is feeling better 🙂

  2. Laurie says:

    I was hospitalized with neutropenia in late 2006 and it was a truly miserable experience, for all the reasons you outline. I did feel like a prisoner and I took to calling the on call doc “The Warden.” Everything hurt more and was scarier in the hospital.
    So glad you are home. Kids provide the best kind of distraction.

  3. two words: pain killers

    you don’t get extra points for suffering

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