Book review -Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips (Crazy Sexy)Even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I picked up a copy of Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr. I was going through various tests, including a biopsy and felt that I should be prepared for what might actually come my way by reading about cancer. I am glad that I found this book.

The author, Kris Carr, is an extremely lively, take the bull by the horns type of gal. Carr wrote Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips as an informative book that deals with the situations and problems facing younger women with cancer and she hits the mark perfectly. The book starts off with the Carr’s own cancer story. Carr was working as an actress and photographer, living a health conscience lifestyle and WHAMMO, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare type of cancer and was propelled into the world of hospitals, doctors and medical tests.

A couple chapters are filled with “tips” (hence the name) that range anywhere from the very important (#22. create and maintain a medical binder) to the more superficial and fun (#27. Bring tons of trashy, fluffy magazines to help you escape). The book also includes stories of encouragment and advice from Carr’s “Cancer Posse” which includes thirteen women with various cancers. She also focuses a lot on nutrition and alternative healing techniques.

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips is written as Carr speaks and even though the hippy-ish jargon is not what I am used to reading, it added a certain charm to the book. Carr’s upbeat attitude is also contagious. She writes with an intense zest for life and a great sense of humor.

I hate using the G-word – you know, cancer is a “Gift.” Yuck. It isn’t! There is no return receipt, and it certainly isn’t a present I’d give to you. “Happy holidays! Ooh, just what I wanted, cancer, you really shouldn’t have.”

I also appreciated the fact that she is honest about how she sometimes doesn’t feel so upbeat and this makes her come across as someone you would like to know. The book is also visually attractive. Between the typeface used for chapter headings to the many photographs used throughout, it really is a good looking book.

Was this book worth my money? Yes! I do have to say that Carr’s new age way of living isn’t for everyone. If your elderly neighbor is diagnosed with cancer, this probably isn’t the perfect reading material for her. But as a newly diagnosed young women, I found the content refreshing and helpful. On a side note, after reading the book I rented Carr’s TLC documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer and found it a nice companion to the book.

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4 Responses to Book review -Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

  1. lorri steer says:

    Yeah, I wanted the crazy, sexy kind of cancer but only got the crazy kind. Can someone bring me some sexy?

    seriously though, great review and I did also enjoy her documentary.

  2. francesbarrie says:

    Shortly after diagnosis a friend gave me this book along with some others. I found myself drawn back to this book over and over. I found all of the stories very inspiring and the tips very helpful. It also made me want to give up all sugar and white flour from my diet …but that didn’t happen, Thanks for the review. I too would recommend this book to anyone beginning their cancer journey.

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