A Year Ago Today


One year ago today I had a bilateral (double) mastectomy
At the age of 41
Because I had breast cancer
That was undetected
I said goodbye to my breasts
I was scared
I cried in the waiting room
When the nurses asked all their questions
My friend took my picture in a lovely gown and hat
She sends it to me sometimes to cheer me up
She sat in the waiting area with my husband so he would not be alone
Another friend came to see me in the recovery room
To make sure I was ok and to tell me she loved me
I spent only one night in the hospital
I embraced my reconstruction and my new body
I spent a long time in pain, uncomfortable sleeping, sitting or standing
I could not brush my hair by myself
I took a lot of pain medication every four hours
My wonderful husband took good care of me
He changed my bandages around my drains
Without hesitation
He made sure I knew that he loved me everyday
My friends delivered meals and came to visit bringing me flowers and small gifts
My family circled around me to hold me close
My children surprised me at how resilient the really are
They made me proud to be their Mama
I still had a long road ahead of me
Hair loss
More surgery three weeks later
My chemo port and lymph node surgery
This year I made it through all my days, the good and the bad.
One day at a time
I lost my hair and grew it back.
I walked a 5k forthe cure of breast cancer
I became a blogger
I met many woman who share my struggle
Mommies like me
I began to not feel so alone
I have been energized and inspired by them
I started blogging with them to spread awareness
To help other mothers with cancer
I met other bloggers
Who did not have cancer
They cheered me on and gave me encouragement to fight
Sending little messages to me in my comment box
I take nothing for granted
I cherish every moment
I slowed down my life
To enjoy it as much as possible
I decided it is ok to eat ice cream and chocolate everyday
Because life is short
I experienced great friendship
And the kindness of strangers
I joined a support group for young survivors
There are a lot of us in my local group
Too many
I have helped other woman
Who are going through the same hell
Trying to give back
So my experience will not be wasted

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10 Responses to A Year Ago Today

  1. sprucehillfarm says:

    Spruce hill

  2. whymommy says:


    I am so proud of you. You’ve been so brave this year, and so loving toward others in the same boat.

    This year is going to be so much better for us than last….

  3. sprucehillfarm says:

    I have a good feeling about that! 🙂

  4. Laurie says:

    What a lot can happen in a year. This is a beautiful summary. May this year bring as much joy and triumph and none of the sadness.

  5. Kathy U says:

    Thank you!

    I am one of those friends who has not experienced the road of breast cancer but I follow the blogs of many people who have/are. Why? Because everyday I am amazed and inspired by the courage, strength and love shared in the blogs of so many brave women and families. I also hope that every once in a while I can share something that will bring a smile to a sad day, inspire laughter when there seems to be no reason laugh, and hopefully let my blog friends know that there are sisters out here who care.

    Kathy U

  6. bcjenster says:

    What a powerful post! Thank you. :o)

  7. MamaShift says:


    You were very lucky to be surrounded like that.

    I’m 4 months post-chemo. My hair is very short. I’m training for a 10k or even a half marathon in May.

    Further good fortune to you!

  8. Denise says:

    Great job putting this together! I recently ran into The Patients Advantage when looking for breast reconstruction surgeons. It’s a great way to find the best surgeons and it does not cost a dime. Check them out (www.ThePatientsAdvantage.com).

  9. sandy szemenyei says:

    What a brave woman and mom you are. Thanks for sharing. I am looking at non invasive cancer in my right breast and am having double mastectomy and reconstruction on March 27. I think I’m grieving. I pray you recover fully and thank you again for your strength.

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