It’s been a hard week

I have had a hard week this week. A member of my(home) support group died last Sunday. Our group met on Thursday for our regular meeting. It was a hard meeting. It was just what we all needed though. Sitting there surrounded by all these woman who all are going though the same thing was a comfort to me, and having all of you out there in cyber space helps even more. It helps knowing that we are not alone. After we had all talked for a while  another member announced that she has brain mets and was going to start radiation this week. Like I said it was a hard meeting. We all have each other to lean on and I would not trade that for anything. Being in a cancer support group you know at sometime you will lose someone, a friend.  I am glad I have met these woman. I know I was ment to meet these woman. It is hard, but it would be harder not having them at all.

Losing someone in group brings up all those emotions again. The fear, and the panic that you get first when you are diagnosed. It takes hold of you and does not want to let go. Every ache and pain scares the crap out of you.

  I know I have an angel looking over me, and knowing she is there and that she was strong and fought hard gives me the strength to fight just as hard.


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  1. francesbarrie says:

    It is a real dilemma isn’t it? The more we open ourselves to others through support groups or just in general, the more hurt we feel when bad things happen to those we love. I suppose the alternative is to close ourselves off, but that would be far too sad and lonely. I feel your pain and will pray that you have a better week next week. Stay strong and hold on to that angel.

  2. justenjoyhim says:

    I totally understand. I just posted about losing a member of my support group. I am so glad to have known her and had her in my life and so sad that she’s gone.

    Huge *hugs* to you.

  3. I am in a support group for women with mets. We lost one of our members during the summer. It was very sad and difficult. At the time, another one of our members was in the hospital, on oxygen, in a very bad state. It was very scary. She is on a new drug now, and is much better!

    For me, being in a support group is like a life line. I need to talk with other women who, like me, will be living with cancer for as long as they are alive. Though I have a tremendous support network, no one understands me the way they do.

    For better or worse…

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