Everybody’s got something to hide, except me and my monkey.

I wish I had a clever way to tie that in, but I don’t.  I just like that song.

I realized this morning that I haven’t really posted for a while.

I’m ok.  I have hair.  It is red.  I’d post a picture but I can’t find the camera.  (I will be really sad if I lost it.)  I ache a lot.  Who knows why.  Could be tons of reasons.  I ached before I knew I had cancer.  I had an ultrasound of my thyroid done because it was enlarged and bugging me.  Haven’t heard anything yet so I’m going with the “No news is good news” cliche.  I’ve been on Tamoxifen for a while.  Weirdly enough I’ve started having hot flashes again.  Again.  Don’t know why.  Lucky me.  

I have a lymphedema evaluation on Monday.  I think we caught it pretty early.  So that’s good.  Who knows.  I’ll know more on Monday.  I’m at pretty high risk for it.  I’m a big girl.  I had the axillary node dissection.  I had radiation where the nodes used to be.  I have a 3 year old that still wants to be picked up.  All those things factor in to risk.  Lucky me.

Cancer things aside, I’ve been a busy girl.  Play-dates for the kids, accompanying gigs (which actually led to another one in April.  Woo!), trying to do some volunteering.  Basically trying get my life organized.  I’m not an organized person by nature.  Which is weird.  I totally thought I was.  But I’m not.  As it turns out, my mother is a totally organized person and I sponged/modeled myself after her when I was a kid.  Left to my own devices, I’m pretty fly by the seat of my pants.  So I’m trying to channel my mother.  I would try to channel my mother in law because she keeps an immaculate house, but I think I need to start with baby steps.  I did take 3 bags of clothes to the G0odwill.  It’s a start.

In my pursuit of being greener, I quit buying paper napkins.  I replaced them with cloth napkins from the dollar spot at Target and bandannas from Hobby Lobby.  Once I had enough to have a rotation with the laundry, I find I don’t miss them much.  I still use paper towels, but I’m working on that as well.  🙂

But mostly, PirateCancerMommy is in the closet on a poorly organized shelf; taken down only when I have to see the oncologist or late at night when I can’t sleep.  Instead, I have been doing the things I couldn’t do last year.

Lucky me.  🙂

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PS.  My heart and prayers go out to Lisa’s family and friends this week.  She was a wickedly funny lady and I miss her already.


5 Responses to Everybody’s got something to hide, except me and my monkey.

  1. lorri steer says:

    I really, really like you!

  2. Who is PirateCancerMommy?

    Yay for redheads!!

    This is one of the big things for me. If all my hair falls out (which I guess it will eventually…), will is grow back red.

    I have always been a redhead and can’t imagine any other color hair….

  3. Nicole says:

    RivkA – I wrote a post a while back (might just be on my own blog, I forget.) When I was in treatment, a couple of little kids starting whispering about my scarf and big hoop earrings. I heard one say to the other about my son, “Look! His mommy’s a pirate!” Heh.

  4. Hey, that’s cool!

    I have a black scarf with skulls. I love it! But I haven’t had enough guts to wear it. (Not even on Purim, which is like Halloween, but different. Only similarities: we all get dressed up and injest too much candy!)

    I don’t have pierced ears, though, so no hoop earings for me.

    Maybe if I got a long sword…..

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