25,000 miles and counting

Well, I’ve been scarce around here lately.  Sorry if that’s worried any of you (Susan).  I must admit to not blogging much at all of late.  There’s a lot of good in that and a fair amount of bad as well.  I’ve been busy as a one-armed paper hanger.  Work is backed up.  I’m rarely away from my desk.  I’m not taking my breaks or walking like I should so my weight is creeping upwards ever so slowly.  Of course, all that busy at work makes my days fly by, too.   When I get home there is a whole other life that gets crammed into the few hours between 4:00 pm and 8:00 when the kids go to bed.  There’s Little League practice twice a week and now games twice a week as well.  Therapy for Danny once a week.  The ever present laundry and my FaceBook addiction.  And filling every spare minute in between is my photography passion.

That’s the good stuff.  I’ve been too busy living life to spend much time blogging about it.  On the negative side, I’m coming up on my 25,000 mile (2.5 year) check up.  As always, I start worrying out of the blue.  This time my location of concern is my right hip.  It has been hurting for a couple of months now.  But the last few weeks it’s become so sore that it wakes me at night and I can barely walk up stairs.  So this check up, I get a bonus bone scan!

Tomorrow is my chest/abdomen/pelvic CT.  Thursday is my bone scan.  Then I have to wait until the 14th (!) before I see my oncologist for the results.  I’ll never make it.  I haven’t even had the scans yet and I want to call for the results already.  Yet, I hope I don’t here from her office before my appointment, know what I mean????


6 Responses to 25,000 miles and counting

  1. I got the early call on my MRI last week, but after my heart stopped beating out of my chest the nurse called to tell me that my MRI came out just fine. She did not want me to have to wait until the appointment. I will be thinking about you tomorrow. PS- My hips hurt also – when I exercise less they hurt more. Go figure???

  2. imstell says:

    I am really hoping that all this sitting with no walking is the culprit…

  3. sprucehillfarm says:

    I am rooting for the no walking being the culprit too…Sending you good vibes *HUGS*

  4. Lahdeedah says:

    You’re amazing, Susan. Such great spirit. I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow.

  5. OK, ladies with hip pain — if it doesn’t go away after a day or two, get it checked out right away!!

    My mets started in my hip!!

    (I don’t want to cause mass hysteria, but unfortunately we no longer have the luxury of ignoring our aches and pains)


    Stella, great to have you back!! I’m going for a neck and back CT tomorrow. More scans in the next month….. (I hate the waiting for results!!!)

  6. karen says:

    Hip pain should never be ignored (I have a friend in the same position Rivka) Here’s hoping the scans show that you need a bit more exercise.

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