Venting Again

I think sometimes I try to be too upbeat here, but over the past week I’ve been struggling. I just had a good cry when I got on to my facebook account and was invited to join a facebook group for a little girl who is only 11 who has invasive ductal carinoma…..stage 2 breast cancer. Here’s her website if you care to cry and pray with me. Every where I turn it seems like someone is being diagnosed. I’ll be honest, it gets really hard. This disease is horrible.

We’re now picking up the pieces, and we’re having to face finances as well. I want to say it doesn’t matter. My life is way more important than money, but the truth is, that most places don’t care and they like to make your life miserable. If you get cancer and you are already struggling financially, you just might be screwed. We think we’ll make it but I need to get back to work very soon since our student loans DO NOT CARE THAT I HAD CANCER! Thanks for letting me vent…!

Yes, but I have breasts that feel real. Don’t look very real, but feel real. And hey, I look great. I should be able to snap right back don’t you think. I’m all back together again…’s like nothing ever happened.

I need to go to bed.


2 Responses to Venting Again

  1. Sharon says:

    Instead of tackling the loans, how about hitting the utility companies that have support funds and programs with them to help during rough times? I should have asked them to assist me with their relief funds but I didn’t. It just didn’t occur to me. So I tore through all my savings paying exorbitant utilities all winter because I needed the house so warm because I was so cold from chemo.

    A few links to explore:

    Financial assistance for BC patients:

    Avon’s Cancercare:

    My best wishes,

  2. I hope you feel better in the morning!

    (you might be “all back together again”, be we all know that something very real happened.)


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