Springtime joy

Lazy hours in the backyard hammock, and climbing up the strings like ropes on a pirate ship;
Batting balls around the tennis courts, with breaks of exploration in the woods to find the ones that soared;
Strawberry picking, and the shortcake that Mama makes afterwards;
(Very) minor league baseball, complete with soft pretzel, cheese fries, and good friends;
Sharing the backseat of a minivan, and giggling all the way;
Birthday parties, sandboxes, and even a pinata;
Clambering up the playset’s rock wall, carefully, so carefully;
Squirting Daddy with the tiny hose of an outdoor fire truck;
Paddling along on the scooter on the sidewalk, daydreaming;
Chalking the sidewalk with the neighbor kids;
Digging in the garden to find “baby wormies;”
Pretending that the backyard fort is … oh, so many, many things; and
Cuddling with Mama at bedtime, reading story after story as the sun goes down.

These are the things that my children may remember from this spring, oh, so different than the last.

Susan also writes about the joy possible in life after cancer at Toddler Planet.


7 Responses to Springtime joy

  1. Avertedd says:

    Думается, если долго стараться, даже самую сложную мысль можно так подробно раскрыть.

  2. Hi Susan and all,

    Just a reminder of our second radio show, IBC Fact and Fallacies, May 27th, 10 p.m. Eastern Time.

    Breast Cancer Vaccine will be discussed, and look forward to hearing from as many as possible.

    For all those questions you might have, Dr. Lupe Salazar wll be on our show.   Hope you can listen and call in with any questions.

    The link below will take you to a page where you can listen live, chat with others or text.


  3. whymommy says:

    Seriously? A breast cancer vaccine?

    For those of you who don’t know her, Patti is a longtime advocate for awareness of inflammatory breast cancer.

  4. Yes, seriously. Dr. Salazar presented in Houston at the Global IBC Symposium last December. They have active trials.

  5. Amy@UWM says:

    As I read this post and others on Toddler Planet, I was thinking how nice it was to see you writing about mundane things like springtime and trips to Galveston. So different from what you were writing about just a few months ago.

  6. What wonderful memories!

    May all your springs be filled with moments like these!!

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