Mothers With Cancer, Worldwide

While doing some site maintenance today, I noticed that our little map is about to reset. Here’s a snapshot of our visitors over the last 10 months. We really are reaching a worldwide audience.

Welcome, friends.

I also heard about a new (to me) program today that sounded exciting for our (U.S.?) readers:  river rafting in Colorado for cancer survivors.  Travel scholarships may be available for first time participants.  To find out more, visit First Descents Adventure Program.

On a more somber note, I’d like to note the passing of April, One Mother With Cancer.  She was not affiliated with this group, but she was invited as one of the earliest cancer bloggers, and many of us were inspired by her story.  Godspeed, April.


3 Responses to Mothers With Cancer, Worldwide

  1. Brenda Newport says:

    Not good with computers, so not sure if this will work. I have 14 kids. Nine are mine and five are step. I started with stage 3 breast cancer, went thru 8 months of chemo and mastectomy. Just five months after chemo ended they found a spot on the right lung. Now there are 6 spots. No one is sure what to do with me. They all agree no more chemo. Surgery won’t work because the tumors are too small and scattered. But for the last 4 months the spots have sat dormant and not grown. Doc’s said to go home and make arrangements. I said I’m going home to have fun with my family. I’m been accomplishing one bucket list dream after another for the last months and having a ball. Other than using a cane to walk distances (trouble breathing at times) I don’t look real sick. I’m getting constant scans waiting for the “moment” everything starts growing again. The doc’s tell me they expected me to be gone by now, I just laugh. My bucket list isn’t done yet. Some days I feel fairly good (which really means about 30% of normal) and other days I can’t get off the chair because of the exhaustion. So I take each day as it comes. I actually feel blessed with the cancer. A mom who dies of a heart attack never gets to say goodby. Although the cancer is more drug out and painful in the process, I get the chance to walk my family thru this, and make incredible memories with them to last forever.

  2. karen says:

    Enjoy every day with your family Brenda – they will remember them.

  3. Elisa says:

    Brenda, you silly girl, you fell in the cancer industry trap and did not realise that the ongoing scans are finishing you off much faster than necessary. I am sure they made a lot of money out of you and will make even more the last weeks of your life. I had cancer too. Twice actually. I refused all treatment except a mastectomy and I am now cancer free. All I did was trusting in God’s promise and starting eating healthy food without addatives. I also like you lived out my bucket list and felt very happy. Now I have outlived my finances but I am alive.
    I wish you all the best, my dear and don’t let people scare you into treatment. Miracles do happen to the people who really believe.
    Love Elisa

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